Patio Repair Services

Like any outdoor ground feature, patios are exposed to the elements—and to people—and over time some damage is likely to occur. Our team of experienced repair specialists is trained and equipped to identify the problem and fix it in a jiffy!

Patio Repair Services

Professional Patio Repair

From securing wobbly slabs to repointing old or damaged joints, we’ll have your patio looking like new in no time. And, where required, we’ll do all we can to find matching materials so that any replacement slabs are in keeping with the originals.

Depending on your requirements, we offer maintenance and repair services on a quarterly, yearly or ad-hoc basis.

Fixing All Patio Problems

We’ve got oodles of experience repairing patios and will find and fix any damage, wear or sunken surfaces quickly and efficiently. Our skilled repair team will search out matching materials if any replacement bricks or slabs are needed, ensuring that your patio is left looking just right!

Moreover, the All Aspects crew will clear your patio of any algae, moss or weeds. As well as improving its appearance, this will help protect your patio against long-term erosion due to plant life.

Equipped for Anything

The All Aspects team combines skill and experience with the industry’s best tools. Whether we’re shaping replacement bricks, sealing cracks in asphalt or treating your patio surface, we use top-quality equipment to produce top-quality results every time.

Surface Protection

Once we’ve got your patio sparkling clean, we can apply a surface sealer to impede water absorption and discourage the growth of algae, moss and weeds. This won’t just keep your patio looking spotless for longer, but will also protect the patio surface against erosion caused by plants and freezing rainwater. This is an optional add-on and is not included as part of our standard repair service.

At All Aspects, we appreciate that every job is unique and each customer has specific needs. We always strive to complete our work in the least possible time, causing the least possible disruption to the normal running of your property—whether it’s a home, office, school, etc.

For more information about our services or to discuss your needs, call us on 0844 2641300 or complete our contact form.

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