Surfacing Contractors

All Aspects provides comprehensive commercial surfacing services for the private and public sectors. From car parks to playgrounds and public roads, we carry out both routine and exceptional surfacing works to the highest possible standard, treating customer satisfaction as our number one priority.

High Quality Surfacing Contractors

One of our specialists will perform a free survey of your site prior to any surfacing work. We’ll provide you with an expert opinion regarding the work that should be done (and the pros and cons of any alternative approaches where applicable). We take great pride in our superb presentation and do our utmost to ensure the safety of all our staff, customers and everyone who uses the spaces we improve. Using the highest quality materials and equipment, our skilled team of surfacing engineers produces stunning results that last for years in the face of high-volume human activity and all kinds of weather. Every one of our tarmac installations is planned and carried out to the highest industry standard, and our specialists work quickly and carefully to ensure minimum disruption to any activities reliant upon the worksite and its surroundings.

Surfacing Contractors
Surfacing Contractors

Tarmac & Resin Surfacing

Tarmac and resin bound surfaces are a popular, cost-effective solution for outdoor spaces that sustain high-volume footfall or vehicular activity. The All Aspects team plans and carries out surface works for every type of customer: private individuals, commercial and industrial enterprises, councils and other public bodies. From car parks and roads to playgrounds and courtyards, we provide high quality surfacing services that include installation and renovation as well as maintenance and repairs.

The All Aspects team has years of experience delivering surfacing solutions at every scale, from small private driveways to major roads and large industrial complexes. Across the hundreds of surfacing projects we’ve planned and executed, we have always prioritised the quality of the materials we use and the presentation of the groundworks we install. You can count on All Aspects to deliver attractive tarmac and resin bound surface works that survive years of heavy use and weather.

Surface Dressing

Surface dressing is a proven, economical way to keep road surfaces better for longer. Public and private bodies across the developed world trust this road maintenance procedure to provide a safer, more skid-resistant surface that prevents destructive water penetration to provide greater longevity at relatively low cost.

When applying surface dressing to a road, the All Aspects team uses specialised equipment to spray a bitumen-based binding agent across the surface. Before the binder sets, we apply an even distribution of stone chippings and press them into the bitumen. The result is a long-lasting, weather-resistant road surface that helps to prevent skidding and reduce spray under wet conditions. Surface dressing is one of the most cost-effective ways to extend the lifespan of a road surface.

Surfacing Contractors
Surfacing Contractors

Pothole Repair

Potholes are more than just a nuisance—left unchecked, they can present a genuine safety hazard for vehicles and accelerate the deterioration of a road surface. It’s important to deal with potholes early on, before they grow and begin to cause costly damage to vehicles.

The All Aspects team carries out pothole repairs to the highest standard, seamlessly bonding coarse, heavy-duty tarmac to the surrounding road surface for a hardwearing, long-lasting finish that resists moisture and prevents erosion.

We begin by removing any debris from the damaged areas using specialised equipment. We then fill the potholes with tarmac and finally seal them to prevent intrusion by water. Our team regularly repairs potholes in both public and private contexts, including main roads, car parks, industrial yards and more.

At All Aspects, we appreciate that every job is unique and each customer has specific needs. We always strive to complete our work in the least possible time, causing the least possible disruption to the normal running of your property—whether it’s a home, office, school, etc.

For more information about our services or to discuss your needs, call us on 0844 2641300 or complete our contact form.

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