High Reach Services

Heights provide challenges for cleaning, maintenance and repair crews. To ensure that any work at heights is carried out safely, specialist skills and equipment must be employed. All across the UK, commercial enterprises trust the All Aspects team to deliver high-reach cleaning and maintenance services to keep their facilities in the best possible condition.

High Reach Services
High Reach Services

Our maintenance specialists have a wealth of experience providing high-reach services in a variety of contexts. From factories to schools and supermarkets, our skilled high-reach engineers perform important cleaning, maintenance and repairs in a range of challenging environments.

Depending on your requirements, we offer cleaning, maintenance and repair services on a monthly, quarterly or ad-hoc basis.

Zone 0: Explosive atmosphere for more than 1000h/yr.
Zone 1: Explosive atmosphere for more than 10, but less than 1000 h/yr.
Zone 2: Explosive atmosphere for less than 10h/yr, but still sufficiently likely as to require controls over ignition sources.


It’s very important that guttering remains clean and without blockages. Accumulated material can cause leaks, leading to damage to the fascia, soffits and even to the building interior and its contents. Overflowing gutters also present a safety hazard, as the excess weight could result in the guttering unit coming away from its brackets and falling down.

We use a specialised high-reach system to thoroughly clean the debris from guttering at heights of up to 14 metres above ground level. Our methodology safely circumvents the need to hire expensive equipment like scaffolding or hydraulic lifts, which saves money for our customers!

By applying our high-reach vacuum system, the All Aspects team can remove debris quickly and efficiently. The industrial dual- and triple-motor unit rapidly clears any material, leaving the guttering fully able to serve its drainage function.

The unit’s onboard camera allows us to observe and show our customers the state of the guttering before and after our work is completed. We also use the camera to determine if any remedial work is required beyond simple cleaning. The All Aspects team is fully trained to work at heights and can provide repairs and maintenance where needed.

Our method of high-reach cleaning is fast and requires very little on-site preparation. Because of this, disruption to your operations can be kept to a minimum or altogether avoided. All Aspects’ high-reach vacuum system provides fast, thorough cleaning in line with legal and insurance requirements.

High Reach Services
High Reach Services

At All Aspects, we appreciate that every job is unique and each customer has specific needs. We always strive to complete our work in the least possible time, causing the least possible disruption to the normal running of your property.

For more information about our services or to discuss your needs, call us on 0844 2641300 or complete our contact form.

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