What Gardening Jobs To Tick Off In June

When it comes to looking after your garden, there are different jobs you have to attend to every month to ensure the flowers bloom, fruits grow, and wildlife keeps thriving. 

So what are the gardening tasks you should put on your ‘to do’ list in June?

Plant summer flowers

Now is the time to plant your summer bedding, whether you put them in pots, flowering baskets or in borders. The bright colours will bring your garden to life and attract lots of insects. 

Prune spring shrubs

Your tulips and daffodils will well and truly have gone by now, but it is wise to prune any spring-flowering shrubs, so they continue to flower next year. 

Cut back to the point of origin and take out any scraggly roots, recommends the Royal Horticultural Society

Mow once a week 

Grass can grow incredibly quickly during the summer months, so you should get into the habit of mowing your lawn once a week. 

If you have been taking part in #NoMowMay, you will need to trim the grass first before doing a shorter cut to avoid clogging up your mower. 

However, to keep encouraging wildlife to flourish in your garden, you could leave some areas of grass longer for the bees and butterflies.


Water and protect fruit and veg

June is the month to start concentrating on your fruit and veg, if you plan on growing any. Firstly, you should water them regularly, particularly when the weather is dry. 

You should also cover ripening fruits with netting to protect them from getting eaten by birds, and regularly remove snails from the garden to prevent them taking over your produce. 

Keeping your garden in top condition over the summer months can be difficult and time-consuming, which is why many people invest in gardening services these days. That way you can enjoy weekends in your beautifully kept garden without having to put lots of hard work into it.

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