How To Properly Care For Your Lawn In Summer

Your lawn is often the focal point of your garden. Luscious green grass that covers the ground from flowerbed to patio and therefore it is important to maintain it as best as possible, so it stays looking vibrant and healthy.

Often during the winter, our gardens can begin to look empty, barren and a little bit underappreciated but this is simply because the cold weather often stops many plants from growing. When spring comes around your garden will begin looking vibrant and beautiful again.

This doesn’t mean you should stop caring for it though, although spring is the perfect time for plants and grass to grow as they get both sunshine and rain, warming temperatures as we move into summer mean you may be faced with issues.

Luckily in the UK we seldom have long periods where we have no rainfall, however, our summer temperatures have been increasing over the years and rain is not as bountiful as it used to be.

This means it is extra important to keep your lawn maintained well so it does not become dry, discoloured and unhealthy in the summer and stays well-looked after.

Most of the year our lawns get enough water from rainfall to stay hydrated however there can be spells in the summer when the weather is so hot and dry that our grass becomes dehydrated.

Watering your lawn during these periods ensures it stays healthy and maintains its bright green colour.

It is also important that you mow your lawn correctly. The length of your grass will determine how healthy it is and also how nice it looks. Cutting your grass too short can leave it looking sparse and discoloured, whereas leaving it too long can cause it to look unruly.

If your lawn has become overgrown, try to avoid chopping it all down in one go. You should aim to only cut around a third of its height at a time to ensure it does not become damaged.

Cutting long grass very short also exposes the fragile new growth which can lead to it dying if not cared for correctly and it may not grow back as well as it should if it is clipped too short all of a sudden.

You should also avoid covering areas of the grass for long periods of time. Regularly moving your garden furniture is advised and leaving the grass-covered can cause discolouration and even cause it to die.

 If you do find that areas of your lawn have been damaged by furniture, removing it and spreading grass seed and fertiliser and properly watering the area can help to ensure new grass grows and you do not end up with a patchy and uneven lawn.

By caring for your garden and lawn correctly it should stay happy and healthy all year round and continue to grow year after year. If you are struggling with this, finding local businesses that offer landscaping services is a great way to ensure your garden stays well cared for.

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