How To Prepare Your Garden For Summertime

Winter often leaves our gardens looking barren and sad as the cold weather can cause many plants to die off and go into hibernation. However, once spring rolls round again your garden will begin flourishing once more as it enters the growing season.

Maintaining your garden through spring and into the summertime will help to ensure it continues to thrive, even as the weather gets even warmer. There are several steps you can take to ensure your garden stays as vibrant and beautiful as possible.

Firstly, ensure that your garden gets all the hydration it needs. Sprint tends to be a bit wetter than summer, so watering isn’t as much of a necessity. However, summertime can leave your garden quite dry due to the increased temperatures, so watering is vital.

Setting up sprinklers is a great way to make sure your garden is getting regular water without having to manually water all the plants. Often, these can be set on timers to ensure consistent hydration for your plants.

Adding mulch to your flowerbeds and around your plants can also help to lock moisture into the soil to help your plants thrive. Mulch is also great for preventing weeds from growing in and around your garden.

If you grow fruits or vegetables in your garden, frequent harvesting is vital in ensuring your plants continue to grow and flourish throughout the season. Leaving produce to overripen can lead to the plant stopping producing any more fruits or vegetables.

As soon as your produce is ripe and ready, harvest all your crops and ensure you take the time to prune any dead or damaged parts of the plant to keep them as healthy as possible.

It’s also important to keep an eye out for pests. There are many kinds of insects that can ruin your garden so using various methods to repel these pests will help to keep your plants safe from attack.


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