The Unwritten Rules Of A Communal Garden

There are a lot of different types of gardening services that go into the construction of a communal garden space such as an allotment or a park with planters installed, but at the end of that hard work is a community space that is intensely rewarding to see.

Watching a community of people each take care of a green space and see what they grow from it, whether it is fruit and vegetables to help them become more self-sufficient or a bed of beautiful flowers, it can be a joy to behold and create lifelong friendships.

It is also, it must be kept in mind, a communal space, and with community spaces comes rules of engagement essential to maintaining the space and ensuring everyone can be free to reap the rewards. Here are just a few you may not be aware of.

Say Hello To Your Neighbours

If you have an assigned plot such as is typical with an allotment arrangement, you are going to have other gardeners around you. As with any other part of life, it is always nice to get to know your neighbours right away and introduce yourself.

Problems shared are problems halved, so having friends for neighbours can help you with seeds, plants and advice, as long as you can do the same and respect their wishes for how they like to garden. Some people are more social than others after all.

Keep On Top Of Weeds

Weeding in a personal garden space is something you have to do, but it is important to have a much stricter routine with a communal garden because of the way weeds can spread and quickly get out of control.

It is a common source of disputes between neighbours due to how widely seeds such as dandelion can spread.

Take Care With Invasive Plants

Strawberries are wonderful to grow but have long, invasive and wide-reaching routes that can take nutrients from your neighbour’s soil and stop their plants from getting the nourishment they need.

Be careful with your seeds and try to plant invasive species closer to the centre of your own plot.

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